Bring The Benefits of the Platform to Members

Worldwide Consortia Coverage

We work with library consortiums all over the world to bring the power and the utility of Springshare platform to member libraries. We work with our consortia partners on providing training, pricing discounts to members, and any other services we can offer to make the partnership outcomes possible.

Easy to Maintain

LibGuides, LibCal, and LibAnswers have robust reusability options. Reuse entire guides, or just parts of it, reuse LibAnswers FAQs and setup auto-hide/auto-publish schedule, and copy commonly occurring LibCal events!

Easy to Update

Make use of robust search & replace tools in LibGuides and LibAnswers. An auto-running link checker checks for all broken links in your LibGuides and LibAnswers systems and displays an actionable report.

APIs and Widgets

All content within LibGuides (links, RSS feeds, documents, etc…) can be integrated within any website using our easy-to-use widgets, and powerful RESTful API

Distribute Your Content

Turn your LibGuides into an easy to use repository of librarian-created content and distribute it into Courseware, Facebook, Blogs, Discovery Layer, OPAC or into any other website.

Use Springshare's Platform Internally

Many consortiums use Springshare platform internally to streamline workflows and improve communication with member libraries. Everything from website building and maintenance to bringing innovative new services to members, the library consortiums use the full power of Springshare's platform to power their operations.

  • Maintain Consortiums websites. Build an easy-to-maintain, beautiful and effective website for your consortium using LibGuides CMS. With finely tuned user and access permissions, easy content reuse, blogs, and discussion boards, it's the fully featured and affordable website-in-a-box solution.
  • LibAnswers +Social is a perfect solution for consortiums to manage communication with members in one place. With Social Media management built-in, it's a great tool for social engagement to boot!
  • Satisfaction and research surveys, online forms, together with analysis of results - LibWizard does it all, from one easy to use platform, fully integrated with our Springshare tools. It doesn't get any easier than this!
  • LibCRM - a great way to manage relationships with members. A CRM built specifically for libraries and customizable and extensible for any type of use, including consortia. It's a win-win!
  • For projects where gathering statistics from member libraries is a priority and the ability to analyze shared statistics a must, LibInsight provides everything your consortium needs to gather and analyze group statistics from members.

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