Use Cases

Schedule & Manage Staff

Take the guesswork out of scheduling and staff communication with LibStaffer.

From the Auto Scheduler tool to customizable Workflow Forms, LibStaffer provides everything you need to onboard, schedule, and communicate with staff. With a mobile-friendly interface, staff can view schedules, request time off, and claim or swap shifts from any device.
All-in-one staff scheduling platform

Create, Maintain, and Share Service Point Schedules

Libstaffer offers all the tools needed to create schedules for staff, student workers & volunteers, manage service points, and communicate directly with employees!

  • Auto Scheduler automagically fills shifts based on staff availability, time off, staff preference, holidays, and more.
  • Create a schedule structure with templates to apply to future weeks or months, as needed.
  • Use the clock in/out feature for part-time staff, volunteers, and student workers.
  • Allow staff to swap, give up, and/or split shifts on a per-schedule basis.
  • Manage time-off requests, holiday schedules, and reporting.
  • Send customized email & SMS notifications containing schedule, admin notes, and detailed shift notes.
  • Real-time live syncing with your Outlook & GCal calendars.
Auto Scheduler Makes Schedule Creating a Breeze

Kick those scheduling spreadsheets to the curb and save many hours every week by letting LibStaffer's Auto Scheduler run its magic.

Collect & Share Information with Workflow Forms

Does your library have a large staff? Many student workers? With Workflow Forms you can create forms to keep track of staff onboarding and communication. Employ powerful features like file uploads, email notifications, and internal notes so nothing slips through the cracks.

Workflow forms are great for:
  • Professional development requests
  • Job/volunteer/student worker applications
  • Staff equipment and purchase requests
  • Incident reporting workflows
  • Consent forms

We'd love to share more info, examples of real-world usage, and organize a demo for you and your colleagues.