Patron Point

The marketing automation platform driving patron engagement in public libraries

Patron Point is a fully featured marketing automation platform built to attract, engage, and retain users. It connects with your ILS and other patron data sources thus allowing you to focus and target library messaging by any number of specific user segments. The built-in automation features amplify the power of your day-to-day patron messaging.

Key Patron Point Features

  • Email automation based on your users' behaviors and preferences
  • Easy-to-use email campaign builder with built-in templates and A/B testing capabilities
  • Web forms and surveys to gather data and feedback from patrons
  • Patron Sync™ data management tool that connects Patron Point to your ILS and other data sources
  • Dynamic distribution lists support user segmentation and automatic updates
  • Verify™ identity verification for seamless online library card registration and card renewals

A Comprehensive Marketing Platform for Public Libraries

Email Marketing & Automation

Create, test, and send emails using Patron Point’s drag and drop editor. Create a series of automated emails with our visual campaign builder.

Multi-Channel Communication

Automate personalized messages to your audience through multiple channels with the same simple visual campaign workflow tool.

Web Forms

Start a conversation with your visitors by having them share their information via embeddable and shareables forms on your website.


Take the traditional library newsletter to a whole new level! Dynamic content gives patrons personalized versions of the newsletter based on their preferences, interests and activities.

Robust Analytics

Gather email statistics including clicks, opens, bounces, unsubscribes, and deliveries to help you optimize your email performance. View statistics dynamically even as campaigns are still running.

ILS Integration

Patron Point integrates with data from your ILS and a wide range of other library data sources. Use this data to segment your user groups and improve targeted email communication.


Enable Seamless Patron Communication at Your Library

Patron Point's Proven Programs methodology uses community experience and best practices from similar industries to help libraries streamline patron communication and marketing efforts. The Proven Programs model consists of three components: onboarding, engagement, and renewal.

Onboard: Attract, Verify, Welcome
Easy Library Card Registration + Verification

A flexible and fully integrated online library card registration solution that harnesses all the power of the automation platform combined with our optional Verification solution.

Welcome New Users

A series of automated emails welcoming new patrons, giving them a great first impression of the library and inviting them to try out the full range of services your library offers.

Grow Cardholder Numbers

Grow your library membership with Patron Point. Communicate with non-members about library events and services, import email lists, and use Patron Point's extensive email marketing functionality to drive the increase in library cardholders.

Engage: Share, Survey, Recommend
Drive use of Digital Resources

Communicate with patrons based on their usage levels and preferences to drive usage of your eBooks, eDatabases, and other online content. Patron Point helps you get the right message to the right audience at the right time.

New Title Recommendations

Send targeted, subject based reading recommendations automatically. Recommend new titles added to your collections. Patron Point keeps your patrons coming back for more.

Customer Surveys

Use built-in forms and surveys builder to engage your community in an interactive way by sending customized surveys and collecting feedback forms.

Re-engage Inactive Members

Patron Point's unique "Engagement Score" calculates the level of engagement for patrons across variety of data sources. This makes it easy to target patrons who have not interacted with the library in a while, prompting them to re-engage.

Renew: Remind, Verify, Reinstate
Patron Notices

Turn your text-based ILS notices such as library card expiration, holds pick ups, overdue notices etc. into branded, cross promotional marketing tools promoting events, collections or new services. Patron Point supports rich HTML and SMS notices to patrons.

Learn More with Our Marketing Masterclass for Public Libraries

As thought leaders in public library marketing, we have partnered with a library marketing expert Cordelia Anderson to develop this Masterclass. The series is based on practical examples of marketing in libraries and helps provide a greater understanding of how library marketing works, what are the best practices for library marketing and engagement, and how to you can immediately implement these proven methods at your library.

The Masterclass is delivered via 7 pre-recorded sessions via the Niche Academy learning management platform.

Learners can move at their own pace and pause, rewind and return to any of the sessions and is available.

Patron Point AI

Identifying the Perfect Send Time

You've crafted a great email and you want to ensure it hits people's inboxes at the ideal time. Patron Point's AI tool will automatically determine the optimum send time for each recipient in your mailing list. So if Patron Peter likes to open emails at 10am and User Uma prefers to open emails at 3pm, both patrons will receive your amazing email sent to their inboxes at their preferred time.

Crafting the Perfect Subject Line

Determining the perfect, short, and descriptive subject line is hard and can dramatically impact your open rates. Patron Point AI will help you craft a subject line for you based on the copy of your email, tone, and more.

Robust Analytics & Reporting

PatronPoint offers robust analytics and reporting helping you measure marketing programs performance and effectiveness. Automatically share reports with colleagues and uncover actionable insights. Easily export Patron Point data into BI tools like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau for additional data analysis and visualizations.

  • Patron engagement score ranks patrons based on engagement
  • Email campaigns insight helps optimize campaign performance
  • Create customized charts & reports with customizable dashboards

Works Great in Consortium Settings

PatronPoint platform handles multiple groups or consortia scenarios. The entire consortium can license PatronPoint to get preferred pricing and benefits of scale, yet each member library would have their own branding and run their own campaigns targeted at their own community. Or, if only a portion of libraries in a consortium license Patron Point the system still enables relevant segmentation of patron data from a shared ILS but only for the specific libraries using Patron Point.

PatronSync for Unified Patron Profiles

We bring all your data together by connecting to your ILS and a wide range of third party services such as your eBook platforms, event calendars, and many others. This helps you segment your audience based on accurate usage data thus ensuring the messages and campaigns are highly targetted, personalized, and relevant.

  • Real-time sync with ILS for seamless data exchange
  • Include data from events and bookings, eBook platforms, etc.
  • New data sources and integrations are being added constantly

Patron Point Verify - Automate Library Card Sign-up & Renewal

Patron Point Verify, our verification solution, delivers a smooth and effortless joining or renewal experience for public library patrons. Verify is a cost-effective, secure, real-time end-to-end solution that integrates with your ILS and provides flexible workflow with branded, customizable messaging.

  • Flexible and customizable verification engine logic
  • Fully branded web forms for signups & renewals
  • Customized messaging workflow with welcome and reminder emails
  • Provides a great patron experience for signups and renewals
  • Helps increase library membership and engagement
  • Integrates with your library's marketing and communication programs

Patron Point's marketing automation and engagement platform will do wonders for your library's marketing and engagement programs. We'd love to share more info, examples of real-world usage, and organize a demo for you and your colleagues.