Create online forms, build surveys for user feedback, create quizzes and interactive tutorials.

Collect, Assess, and Engage

Create and share forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials! From basic forms to in-depth tutorials, this flexible system combines all the feedback and assessment functionality your library needs into one easy-to-use platform.

LibWizard Lite allows you to create forms and surveys. LibWizard Full gives you access to forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials as well as API and LibAuth integration functionality.

Key Features

  • Intuitive drag & drop builder
  • Question Bank allows you to reuse questions across your LibWizard system
  • Dynamic "if X, then Y" branching & skip logic
  • Secure encryption of submission data
  • Automated privacy scrubbing for PII data
Flexible, Customizable Form Builder

Interactive Forms for a Dynamic Digital Presence

Forms & Surveys

Great for all kinds of data collection, from contact forms to purchase requests, satisfaction surveys to job applications. Choose from a range of text input options, multiple choice questions, a file upload field, and more - totally customized by you to gather the feedback and info you need.

Graded Quizzes

Quickly and easily assess learning and gain insight into user understanding. Set up your quiz to automatically grade each submission, require correct answers before the user can proceed, and provide feedback so users can instantly see if their actions meet the target. Bonus: quizzes can be self-paced or timed!

Interactive Tutorials

Help your patrons learn new skills by providing virtual instruction anywhere, any time.
With LibWizard Tutorials, you can guide users step-by-step through a piece of content - slides, webpages, LibGuides, and more - while asking contextual questions and assessing the user's understanding throughout.

Sharing & Notifications

Embed LibWizard creations on any page, or share direct URLs. Plus, pre-fill select fields, add a password, limit access to a certain date range, get email alerts for new submissions, or send notifications to different emails depending on a user's selections.

Seamless Integration

Your LibWizard system enhances your other Springshare tools! Embed quizzes and tutorials into LibGuides, send library satisfaction surveys via LibConnect emails, walk users through the LibCal Space booking process, and more.

Privacy & Security

Built-in security features enable you to encrypt user responses as well as set up privacy scrubbing so designated field submissions are automatically cleared on a rolling basis. Springshare never shares, sells, or distributes library or patron data.

Design an Engaging Learning Experience

Create Interactive Tutorials & How-Tos

With our newest tutorial type, interactive tutorials, you can add content slides, then overlay interactive components to give your users an engaging, self-paced learning experience. Embed your interactive tutorial inside any page using the provided widget code or share a direct link to the tutorial.

Interactive Components Include:
  • Hotspots:  Highlight an area on your slide and open a tooltip modal with annotations
  • Annotations and Callouts:  Add supplemental text on your slide
  • Questions:  Assess progress, gather feedback, or quiz your users
  • Embeddable Widgets:  Display simple widgets such as videos on your slide

Real-Time Reporting and Submissions Analysis

All four LibWizard components feature advanced statistics and reporting tools with high-level and individual submission analysis. You can quickly sort, categorize, and export patron submissions.

Statistics and Reporting Features Include:
  • Filter by date to see all results from a specified period
  • Optionally record user IP, referrer URL, and browser data
  • Run cross-variable analysis with integrated cross-tab reporting
  • Download customizable charts and graphs for reports

Privacy Scrubs to Protect User Submissions

What makes Workflow Forms different than a regular form? They're forms with features! Create customized online forms that facilitate the entire life-cycle of the process you outline.

  • Filter by date to see all results from a specified period
  • Optionally record user IP, referrer URL, and browser data
  • Run cross-variable analysis with integrated cross-tab reporting
  • Download customizable charts and graphs for reports
When you need inspiration or help building content

Two Versions of LibWizard, Depending On Your Needs

LibWizard Lite - Unlimited Forms & Surveys

With LibWizard Lite system your library can create unlimited interactive forms to embed on any number of webpages, and conduct and analyze user surveys via direct urls and embeddable survey widgets.

Add Quizzes & Tutorials With LibWizard Full

LibWizard full adds the ability to create Interactive Tutorials and Quizzes (graded and ungraded). It provides all the required functionality to aid with library's teaching and instruction programs.

LibWizard offers flexible, cost-effective, multi-purpose forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials builder for libraries. Contact us for examples of real-world usage and organize a demo for you and your colleagues.