Use Cases

Email Marketing & Engagement

Step up your library’s email marketing and engagement game with Springshare's LibConnect.

LibConnect's powerful email marketing functionality makes outreach and engagement easy. Marketing emails are ideal for sharing upcoming events, featured collections, staff picks, and other highlights from the library with the audience groups who've opted in. Add LibCal to further polish your engagement game and promote events via flexible calendars and widgets, and create engaging programs that increase the usage of physical library spaces.
LibConnect Is Your Go-To Email Engagement Tool

Plan Email Campaigns and Create Email Newsletters

Reuse Content

Everything in LibGuides is reusable. Share links, content, pages, and guide templates across your institution or with the community.

500,000+ Guides to Share

Reuse guides from the LibGuides community and benefit from the knowledge and best practices of librarians worldwide.

Courseware Integration

Our LTI Module for LibGuides CMS enables you to insert targeted library resources into any LTI-compliant courseware platform.

APIs and Widgets

All content within LibGuides (links, RSS feeds, documents, etc…) can be integrated within any website using our easy-to-use widgets and powerful RESTful APIs.

Distribute Your Content

Turn your LibGuides into an easy-to-use repository of librarian-created content and distribute it into Courseware, Facebook, Blogs, Discovery Layer, OPAC, or into any other website.

Pre-made Templates, Drag & Drop Email Builder

  • The LibGuides dataset allows you to analyze the total number of public page views, user sessions, and published vs. total guides.
  • Connect your LibCal system to your Calendaring dataset to sync your aggregate event, appointment, space booking, and equipment booking data automatically
  • The LibWizard dataset allows you to import information about form submissions from your LibWizard site for in-depth analysis of how your forms are used.
  • Connect your LibAnswers system to your Reference dataset to automatically keep track of the number of tickets, FAQ views, and LibChat sessions.

Customize Messaging With User Segmentation

  • Import patron data from ILS and other sources to identify audiences to send targeted marketing emails
  • Build profiles by type (Person or Organization), assemble unique data for each type, set a librarian liaison, and more
  • Define granular metadata about your patrons, friends, volunteers, donors, or partners to gain a better understanding of your community
  • Evaluate the success of your email campaigns with LibConnect's robust analytics

We'd love to share more info, examples of real-world usage, and organize a demo for you and your colleagues.