Use Cases

Interactive Maps & Wayfinding

Add a "wow!" factor to Space and Seat Booking with Interactive Mapping

LibCal’s Interactive Mapping module allows patrons to browse and book spaces & seats using an interactive floor plan map. Info hotspots on the map describe library's spaces and sevices, helping patrons learn where things are inside the library. Heat map reports show admins which spaces and seats are booked most frequently, providing valuable insight into how to organize seating for optimal use.
Help Patrons Visualize Your Library Spaces

Functional, Interactive Library Maps

With Interactive Maps, students and patrons are presented with an interactive map of each location in the library. Color-coded spaces (red-booked, green-available) show at-a-glance availability for a desired patron-entered booking time.

Additional Interactive Maps Features:
  • Provide detailed visual information about each seat & space
  • Book spaces and seats directly from the map interface
  • Offer directional mapping for events and appointments
  • Include detailed map & directions inside booking confirmation emails
  • Searchable by location or event

Heat Maps Offer Insight on Interior Spaces Usage

Discover which areas of the library are most popular with your patrons! As part of the Interactive Mapping module, heat maps show you which spaces and seats are booked most frequently - providing valuable insight into how you might organize your seating for optimal use.

With Heat Maps You Can:
  • Explore granular statistics for each map and desired date range
  • See a visualization of each seat's use
  • Hover over individual seats/spaces to reveal the percentage of time it was booked
  • Download visualizations and seat-use data directly from the module
  • Gather valuable data for presentations and strategic planning
If you need assistance with creating interactive maps, our consulting team can make them for you. We have created hundreds of visually appealing interactive maps - we can do the same for your library, too.

We'd love to share more info, examples of real-world usage, and organize a demo for you and your colleagues.