Use Cases

Library Of Things Lending

Use LibCal to create Library of Things lending programs for equipment, museum & zoo passes, and more!

LibCal’s Lending Hub module is designed to handle unconventional collections of all shapes and sizes. Establish a lending program for equipment and technology, Library of Things collections, and museum passes & tickets.

In-House Equipment Lending

Are the 3D printers and laser cutter in your makerspace in high demand? Does a community group need to reserve a projector and laptop for their upcoming meeting? Create a virtual catalog and easily manage reservations for all your tech, equipment, and tools across one or more library locations.

  • Built-in online reservation system with locations, categories, and more
  • Granular booking rules to control booking window, lending duration, and more
  • Optional mediation controls so staff can approve or deny equipment booking requests
  • Add and manage bookings, overdues, fines, and inventory via easy-to-use staff interfaces

Library of Things Catalog

Let your patrons take home games and puzzles, cake pans and craft equipment, musical instruments and coding kits, telescopes and power tools – the possibilities are endless! Embrace the unconventional and stay totally organized with the Lending Hub's fully-featured Library of Things functionality.

  • Shopping cart experience for simplified checkout of multiple items
  • Provide access to downloadable manuals and instructions
  • Support for barcode field to assist with searching and item lookup
  • Internal notes field for staff to keep track of damage and service history

Museum Passes, Zoo Tickets, and More

Expand your patrons' experiences beyond the library's walls! Manage and lend passes to local museums and cultural institutions. This flexible tool allows for both physical passes picked up at the library and digital passes delivered directly to your patron's email inbox.

  • Manage unlimited inventory of tickets for museums, zoos, and other attractions
  • Implement pass limits, number of guests per pass, and patron booking restrictions
  • Require a username, library card, and/or PIN/password to reserve your library's passes
  • Individual landing webpage with custom friendly URL for each institution
  • Mobile-first layout so patrons can make reservations on smartphones, tablets, or desktops
  • Add closures on certain days of the week as well as holiday exceptions

We'd love to share more info, examples of real-world usage, and organize a demo for you and your colleagues.