Send attractive emails, maintain email lists, manage projects, and more!

Elevate Your Email Marketing & Communication

Offer a superior patron experience by understanding your users' research and information needs! LibConnect, Springshare's customer relationship management platform, helps libraries manage outreach initiatives, send engaging emails and e-newsletters, and track liaison relationships.

Key Features

  • Import patron profiles & sync to your ILS platform
  • Easy-to-use drag & drop email editor
  • Responsive, ready-to-use email templates
  • Import user activity from LibCal, LibAnswers, & more
  • Robust statistics and analysis package

Essential Patron Engagement Functionality

Content-Rich Patron Profiles

Build and analyze metadata about your patrons, friends, volunteers, donors, or partners. Create profiles by type (Person or Organization), assemble unique data for each type, customize data fields, and more. Sync with your ILS to import and automatically update user profiles with relevant interactions info.

Interactions Activity & History

Each customer profile contains an up-to-date list of their library interactions so you can identify who you're reaching and how. LibConnect can automatically add interactions from email or your connected LibCal or LibAnswers. Manually track anything from a quick phone call to an in-depth consultation at the reference desk.

Patron-Driven Segmentation

Create focused experiences for specific audiences using built-in customer relationship management tools. Define distribution lists matched to profile data, e.g. library branch, academic department, graduation year, and so on. Plus, patrons can subscribe to the marketing email categories of their choice.

Eye-Catching Email Templates

LibConnect provides many ready-to-use email templates that are both visually interesting and easily customized. Our pre-built templates enable you to effortlessly capture your readers' attention with beautiful, themed emails. Or, design and reuse your own email templates!

Project Management Tools

Keep your projects on track and on time! Create projects with actionable tasks, assign due dates, and coordinate with project team members. Connect projects/tasks to customer profiles to keep track of which patrons the library is engaging with.

Reporting & Analytics

Use robust reporting to identify gaps in your outreach efforts. Generate custom lists of people, organizations, interactions, projects, or tasks. With email analytics, evaluate the performance of past campaigns and plan future emails accordingly. Help library liaisons better target and select user segments to reach.


Protecting Patron Privacy

You always maintain full control on how user information is collected and accessed in LibConnect. Email marketing functionality provides opt-in/opt-out functionality for email communication.

Security Features Include:
  • PII data encryption in transit and at rest
  • HTTPS everywhere, with industry-leading encryption
  • LibAuth authentication layer for all logins and accessing user data
  • Secure email servers with industry-leading reputation scores
Plan and Execute Impactful Email Campaigns

Email Marketing with LibConnect

Ensure your patrons get timely library updates with LibConnect's powerful email marketing functionality. Operational emails help you inform targeted user groups of important service alerts, maintenance announcements, etc. Cohesive, opt-in, marketing emails are ideal for sharing upcoming events, featured collections, staff picks, and other highlights from the library.

Email Marketing Features Include:
  • Beautiful, pre-made email templates
  • Sign-up forms so users can subscribe to email updates
  • Drag & drop email creation editor
  • Free image library integration with Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay
  • Aggregated and individual email campaign statistics
Collaborate with colleagues on liaison activities and campaigns

Project Management Features

Streamline workflows and better manage your projects through to the end. Break a project down into tasks, then assign tasks to coworkers so your colleagues will see their assignments when they login to LibConnect. Sort projects/tasks by due date, status, and owner so you can keep track of your progress toward your goals and outcomes.

Project Management Features Include:
  • Due dates for the project and individual tasks
  • Storage for supplemental materials like spreadsheets or meeting minutes
  • Messaging & discussion boards to host project conversations
  • Parent/child project relationships
  • Associated user and organization profiles
Integrate With ILS for seamless data exchange

ILS Integration Functionality

Connect your LibConnect system to your ILS to import customer profiles and keep them up-to-date. Include all patron records from your ILS or configure the data sync to include only a subset of patron records. Control which ILS fields to transfer and map those fields to your chosen LibConnect people profile fields.

ILS Integration Features Include:
  • Connect to all major ILS platforms
  • Set up one-time or automated recurring syncing
  • Create and store unlimited user profiles in LibConnect
  • Only sync patron records that match your filter conditions
  • Select which ILS fields are imported into LibConnect

Secure, Reliable Email Infrastructure

Email Deliverability

Sending email campaigns at scale is hard - there are spam issues, email server reliability, email sender reputation, etc. We have been sending emails at scale for over a decade and have industry-leading deliverability rates.

Cost Effective and Scalable

Our email infrastruture can handle sending millions of email per month, for each customer. So whether you intend to send a few thousand - or a few million - emails per month, we can do it affordably and securely for you.

Worldwide Server Locations

We operate several email sending clusters worldwide and can ensure that your emails are handled and delivered safely and securely.

LibConnect is an affordable, flexible patron communication platform with project management functionality built in. We'd love to share more info, examples of real-world usage, and organize a demo for you and your colleagues.