LibConnect with Email Marketing is a Customer Relationship Management platform built for the specific needs of libraries. Offer a superior customer experience by gaining a better understanding of your users and their needs. Send gorgeous and targeted marketing emails to specific user groups. Powerful task management and flexible design help outreach, development, and liaison librarians track relationships and demonstrate value.

Flexible CRM Platform Built For Libraries

LibConnect is designed for the specific needs of libraries with built-in flexibility to account for your unique customer data. The system is fully customizable for your library – tailor it to capture your distinctive fields and parameters.

Who Is Your Demographic?

Define the groups with which you interact. Undergraduates? Faculty? Young Adults? Seniors? What about organizations or departments? Academic Advising? Vendors? City Council? Customize People and Organization types to suit your demographic.

Record Demographic-Specific Data

Define which fields to gather for each Group. For example, your Faculty Group might have a 'Tenure' field, whereas your Vendor Group might store Product Subscription info.

Run Reports on Customized Fields

Run full statistics and reports based on customized fields you defined for full insight into the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

How Do You Interact with Your Demographic?

From email, to in person, to phone – customize your interaction types. This way, when you record an interaction with a Person or Organization, you’ll have all your communication methods right at your fingertips.

Run Reports on Custom Interaction Types

Once interaction types are defined, you can run a variety of reports showing the popularity of each interaction type. Cross-reference this with demographic data for deeper insight into users' communication preferences.

What’s That Twitter Handle Again?

Each Person and Organization can have a number of Internet/Social profiles associated with their record. Add Facebook profiles,, Mendeley, Twitter, ORCID ID, or even a link to their profile in your institutional repository.

Report on Social Profiles Activity

LibConnect extensive reporting options enable you to compare which social channels generate the most buzz from your users. This will help your librarians target social media management for maximum reach and engagement.

Customize Your Donation Fields

Optionally, your library can also record donation activity and interact with valuable donors right from within LibCRM. Define fields to track and associate with each donation record. Donation type, amount, date, organization, etc.

Report on Donations

Produce a variety of reports on the Donation activity from within LibCRM. See who are the most valuable donors, compare historical trends, etc.

Unified View of Your Users and Organizations

All users, organizations, and entities have profile pages in LibConnect. View contact details, social profiles, and relevant interaction info in one place. Enjoy a holistic view of the depth and the quality of your relationship and interactions.

View Relationships

To fully understand a particular customer, LibConnect offers a view of their inter-relationships with other users and with organizations & groups to which they belong.

Store Notes & Documentation

Store all your relevant documents and notes related to your users and organizations all in one place, neatly organized, and available to all authorized LibConnect accounts.

Record Interactions

Knowing the history of previous interactions helps you better tailor services and meet customer needs. LibConnect is your "big picture dashboard" of activity and interactions with your community.

Task Management for Outreach & Liaison Librarians

LibConnect has full Task Management functionality built-in. Administrators can assign tasks to individual librarians (singly or in bulk), and everyone can follow the progress of the library's outreach efforts.

Collaborate on Completing Tasks

Create tasks that are assigned to one or more accounts. Improve collaboration by assigning tasks to multiple librarians. Define due dates, associate tasks with larger projects, and mark as complete when finished.

"My Dashboard" Shows All Pending Tasks

Each librarian can view their unique assigned tasks right from their Dashboard. Overdue tasks are outlined in red. Export options are available in a variety of formats.

Bulk Task Creation

Working with multiple colleagues on a major project or outreach activity? Bulk-create tasks and assign to multiple users quickly and efficiently.

A Must Have Tool For Customer-Centric Organizations

LibConnect helps you better understand your customers and the community you serve.

Your most loyal customers will also appreciate the librarians having better insight into their research and information-seeking needs.

With LibConnect you can:

  • Customize the library experience for each group of customers.
  • Manage outreach and liaison activities in one centralized place.
  • View librarian activity to demonstrate value and contributions.
  • Identify gaps in your outreach efforts and create projects/tasks to address them.
  • View your interactions with community organizations, partner libraries, or vendors.
  • Created targeted email distribution lists for sending marketing & operational emails.
  • Use one of our prebuilt email templates or create one of your own for crafting the perfect message.
  • Send gorgeous and mobile-friendly emails to targeted user groups.

Integration With Springshare's Customer Facing Tools

Integrate LibConnect with your other Springshare tools so that patron activity with LibCal and LibAnswers are automatically recorded.

LibAnswers & LibChat Integration

Based on your permissions, LibAnswers tickets and LibChats can be associated with LibConnect users' profiles. You’ll always know what questions they’ve had about library services.

LibCal Appointment Schedulers

Research Consultations and Appointments booked with LibCal’s My Scheduler are automatically added to their LibConnect profile.

LibCal Room and Event Bookings

All reserved rooms / spaces and event registrations from LibCal are auto-logged right in their LibConnect user profile.

Additional Integrations with systems within the library are possible using LibConnect's APIs so that manual entry is minimized while the library gets a more complete picture of how users are interacting with and utilizing the many services that the library offers. Each of these integrations is fully customizable by local administrators to comply with institution's privacy regulations.