Introduction to LibGuides

Sure, your users can search Google, scan a Wikipedia entry and even search your databases for information. But you, the librarian, know that there is a difference between searching and researching. With LibGuides, you give your users the tools to perform high-quality research while also showing them stuff they didn’t even know existed. LibGuides' flexibility and easy of use enables you to effortlessly create content-rich guides and share important information.

Using LibGuides widgets and our extensive API, you can distribute content into other websites and blogs. Integrate web chat inside your guides and patrons can ask you for help, in real time, while doing research. Integration with popular social networks (Twitter, Facebook) connects you with patrons wherever they are. This leads to an increased use of your library's resources and services. LibGuides is a fully hosted system (so we handle all IT issues for you), and a mobile-friendly version of the system is included free of charge! Spend only a few minutes using LibGuides and you will be impressed - and your users will be too!

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