LibGuides Features

LibGuides has so many unique and library-focused features which set it apart in a class of its own. These features, combined with a helpful community and our top-notch support, make LibGuides a must-have library system.

Easily Embed Multimedia

Easily Embed Multimedia

Effortlessly embed multimedia inside your guides (videos, RSS feeds, podcasts, etc.). LibGuides makes it easy to spice up your guides with multimedia to make them more useful and more attractive!

Mobile Friendly

Mobile and Smartphone Friendly

When patrons access your LibGuides system on a mobile device the system will automatically detect their mobile browser and serve the mobile-friendly version of the guides. Give your users access to the research content on the go!

Post To LibGuides Browser Button

Post To LibGuides Browser Button

Add content to your guides from anywhere on the web. Just click the "Post to LibGuides" button on your browser and - voilà - the link you chose appears on your LibGuide. In addition, LibGuides can be integrated into the LibX Browser Toolbar.

Twitter & Facebook Integration

Twitter and Facebook

Post guide news/updates on Twitter, and use our Facebook apps to make your LibGuides content available. Increase your library's exposure on popular social networking sites, and increase the visibility of your library's content and services!

Customizable Look & Feel

Customizable Look and Feel

LibGuides enables you to fully customize the look-and-feel of your system. With custom stylesheets you have complete control over your site's appearance. Check out our customization guide.

Built-in Link Checker

Built-in Link Checker

With LibGuides, you won't live in fear of broken links - the system automatically checks your links several times per month. You'll receive an actionable broken links report.

Integrate with Instant Messenger Networks

Instant Messenger/Chat

Embed any web chat or instant message clients inside your guides (LibraryH3lp, Meebo, etc.) so patrons can reach out to you for more help while doing their research.

Subscribe to Email Alerts

Email Alerts and RSS Updates

Users can stay connected with new content in the system using both email alerts and/or RSS updates - available by content area, author, or tags/keywords.

A-Z List Integration

A-Z List Integration

Serials Solutions' clients can automatically import their A-Z list of databases. For other clients we provide assistance with importing their A-Z lists via Excel file import.

Social Bookmarking

Social Sharing and Bookmarking

Users can share their favorite LibGuides on any social networking sites. They can also email links to guides. On the admin side, librarians can easily embed their Delicious tag clouds inside guides.

LibGuides Widgets

LibGuides Widgets

LibGuides widgets enable you to embed your LibGuides content into any webpage, blog, courseware page, etc. You can select which guides you want to feature on your widget, and it will update automatically whenever there is new content.

Visual API

Visual API Utility

Distribute your LibGuides content to a variety of other websites (portals, blogs, etc.) using our robust and intuitive APIs.

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