• History Research @ Acadia. It combines RSS feeds, library resources, database search, websites, as well as online chat with the History subject specialist. A great starting point for history research.
  • Psychology Research @ Univ. of South Carolina. Very useful collection of resources for anyone interested in Psychology research. Great job, Beki!
  • Physics & Astronomy @ Washington University. One word - wow!. Physics & Astronomy resources by WUSTL Librarians - everything from database links and useful websites to RSS feeds and videos.
  • English and Literary Research @ EKU. Wonderfully presented set of resources and starting points for research. By Cindi Trainor at Eastern Kentucky University.
  • Writing College Papers @ AACC. An excellent LibGuide from the staff at Anne Arundel Community College.
  • Company Information @ Boston College. A comprehensive resource about researching companies, compiled by Sonia Ensins at Boston College library.
  • ENG 106 @ Univ. of Miami. Created by Chella Vaidyanathan, a great example of a course-specific LibGuide.
  • Study Skills Guide @ Drury and Research Skills @ Drury. We wish we had these tips from our librarians when we were in college! Great example of using LibGuides to share useful information with the community.
  • Film & Media Arts @ Temple. Wow! So much great information - LibGuides at its best. As you browse the tabs, note that it is possible to embed search boxes for databases specific to your institution.
  • Dynamic content in LibGuides. You can display tag clouds like in this Chemistry Guide, or database search and catalog search like in this Languages & Literatures Research Guide (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the search boxes).
  • Business Library 2.0 @ Univ. of Florida. Peter McKay, business librarian at the University of Florida used a customized version of LibGuides to create an amazing website for business-related research.
  • Education Research @ Temple. Great use of customized search boxes for various institution-specific databases.
  • Copyright. An excellent compilation of resources related to the issue of copyright. Created by Bruce Whitham @ Rowan University LibGuides.
  • The Research & Information Center @ BCLS. We couldn't pick just one guide from this public library LibGuides system so we are showcasing the whole system. So much useful information BCLS librarians are providing to their patrons and public in general. A model public library LIbGuides installation. Congrats BCLS librarians, keep up the great work!
  • Citation Guide. From the librarians at Dixie State College.
  • How Do I Conduct Literary Research by Brendan Rapple @ Boston College.
  • Media, Culture & Society by Tiffany Hebb @ DePauw University. A great example of a course-specific guide.
  • English Literature by Gregory Heald @ UNCO.
  • Anne Frank: A History for Today by Lorene Flanders @ Univ. of West Georgia. A great example of using LibGuides to create and share content related to conferences and meetings.
  • Election 2008 by Heather Loehr @ Hanover College. Heather created a wonderfully useful LibGuide with relevant resources for local, state, and national elections. A must see (and a must vote!)

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