1. Library 2.0 and Web 2.0

LibGuides is about library 2.0, and a better, more "social" web 2.0 library experience for your patrons. LibGuides brings the benefits of a web 2.0 to your library in a flexible, easy to use, yet affordable package. It makes web 2.0 technologies accessible to librarians of any skill level.

2. Distribute Library Content and Services

LibGuides enables you to distribute library content and services outside of the library website. Content published in LibGuides is available on Facebook. LibGuides widgets enable you to embed links to your guides into blogs, courseware systems, etc. Twitter integration means you can promote your guides on Twitter. All this leads to increased exposure and use of your library resources.

3. Extensible Platform with a Powerful API

LibGuides comes with a powerful (and always improving) set of API functions which enable you to mix and match content inside and outside of LibGuides. Using our remote script content boxes you can display any outside content and scripts in your guides. With the multitude of API calls and methods you can display LibGuides content in your other library web applications. LibGuides can be your all-in-one content management platform, yet the content you store in LibGuides can be displayed in any other web apps and web pages on your library website.

4. A Hosted yet Fully Customizable System

LibGuides is a hosted system, which means we take care of the servers, infrastructure, data backups etc. so you don't have to worry about any of that. We build a customized system just for your institution and you can even customize your domain (with optional custom domain mapping). The look and feel of your system is also fully customizable, so you can adjust the stylesheets, and the look to match your institution's branding requirements.

5. Increased Reference Usage

LibGuides helps improve & expand communication channels with your patrons. By embedding web chat and instant message clients in their guides, our clients report that their reference service usage has increased dramatically. Patrons like having all their research help/information displayed inside LibGuides, and they rave about being able to ask questions right from the system. This is one of the ways LibGuides is putting the librarian back in the online library.

6. The Benefits of LibGuides Community

When you license LibGuides you become an integral part of our global community of LibGuides member institutions. We have a dedicated user community website, The Springshare Lounge, where our members share information, tips, best practices, etc. You also get the benefits of community content sharing, thru our LibGuides Community System - any content in our network can be shared across institutions (100,000+ guides at 1,500+ libraries). For example, a business librarian can see what other business librarians are creating in LibGuides and get idea for their own guides. They can also use templates and content from existing business-related guides, and collaborate with other librarians on creating new content.

7. LibGuides is Backed by our Legendary Customer Service

Our customers rave about our products but they also rave about our support. Some call it legendary, others wonder if we ever sleep. The truth is we love what we do and it shows. Our products work great, but whenever there is a question or a bug or if you need help with something - we are always available to help. We have 1,000+ libraries on board and we will gladly share our customer list with anyone - we guarantee a glowing recommendation from every single institution we have on board.

8. We are your Long Term Partner

Our web 2.0 products have set new standards for library web software, and just as importantly we are setting new standards in how library vendors work with clients. We have a vibrant user community (and a dedicated community website, The Springshare Lounge) for clients to share ideas, tips, best practices, feature requests, etc. We listen to customers' feedback (in fact, we love it and encourage it every step of the way) and we continually improve our products and add new features to ensure our software works well for all types of libraries and their specific needs. We are here for you and want to be your technology partner - our products will evolve as your needs evolve too. Whatever your needs, we will make sure we meet them.

FAQ on LibGuides

How much does it cost?

The pricing is based on the size of your institution (FTE for academic, or # of card holders for public), and ranges between $899/year and $2,999/year ($549 for K-12). Most libraries would be in the lower price range - email us for an exact quote, and chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised.

We can pro-rate licenses to coincide with your fiscal year.

What happens to our data if we cancel the service?

If you ever decide to cancel LibGuides we will give you all of your data back in an XML format within 30 days of canceling. Then you can repurpose it and reuse it in any way you see fit.

Can we license more than one system, for our institution?

Certainly. Many libraries get 2, 3, 4+ systems for different projects/tasks. Since LibGuides is so versatile yet affordable, libraries are also using it to build websites, multi-library campuses can get a system for each library, or license a staff-only system for internal documents and communication, etc. We provide discounts for multiple licenses. Contact us for more info.

Can we try before we buy?

Yes! We have a real, fully functioning demo at A trial account is the best way to explore the features of LibGuides. Get your trial account today and start the fun!

Is there any paperwork involved?

Just a little. Your institution needs to sign our standard license agreement. You can access it here. We also need your institution's state sales tax exemption letter/certificate. Please fax these two documents to us at 646-417-6439.

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